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A leather purse with a military bag motif. We use deerskin, a soft, supple and durable material.
FILL THE BILL MERCANTILE store limited color

DEER SKIN (deerskin) with lining

SIZE: (mouth width) 55cm (height) 20cm (bottom diameter) 17.5cm

[Please read]
Since this product uses natural leather, there may be some color unevenness, rubbing, minor scratches, streaks, spots, wrinkles, etc. on the surface of the leather, but it is the original natural leather. In addition, the softness increases with the frequency of use. Please enjoy the texture.
We would appreciate it if you could take it as the original leather-likeness and individuality.

Regarding dyeing, there may be some color unevenness, but it is incorporated into the product as a characteristic of leather.
As you use it every day, it may get wet (rain, sweat, etc.) or the color may fade or fade due to sunburn.
Please be careful when using it in the summer or in rainy weather, or when wearing it with light clothing.

*In addition, we cannot accept returns or cancellations, so please check carefully before placing an order.
Please refrain from ordering if you are particularly concerned about it, as it will be our standard.
In addition, due to reasons such as a concentration of orders, it may take several days to ship. Please acknowledge.

For questions and inquiries, please contact us here.
5-4-30 Minami Aoyama, Minato Ward, Tokyo

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